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Mission & Vision

The ‘My Name’5 Doddie Show Garden’ is a testament to the power of design and its ability to communicate profound messages. Inspired by the strength and determination of the My Name’5 Doddie Foundation, this garden is not just a visual spectacle but a symbol of hope in the relentless fight against Motor Neuron Disease (MND).

Every element within the garden is carefully chosen to reflect the foundation’s vision of a world free of MND, mirroring their commitment to funding research and supporting those affected by this condition. It’s a space where beauty and purpose intertwine, offering visitors a moment of reflection on the importance of community and perseverance in the face of adversity.

The My Name’5 Doddie Show Garden is presented in partnership with Actual Landscapes.

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Constantly improving and evolving with current trends and designs, as a multi award winning, APL accredited, Pavestone Preferred Installer, and Marshalls Registered Installer. High-quality design and installations are guaranteed from a complete garden renovation or just the creation of intricate planting schemes.

The Concept

Garden Whispers

At the centre of this garden stands a louvered roof pergola, positioned above a meticulously paved area adorned with intricate sett details. To the right, a distinctive sleeper wall and an adjoining planter contribute depth and character. Meanwhile, on the left, modular walls create windows that invite glimpses into the garden’s hidden secrets.

One cannot overlook the commanding presence of “Number 5,” a recurring motif that pays homage to My Name’5 Doddie. The planting scheme is meticulously organized into rows and blocks of color, mirroring the Tartan pattern and infusing the garden with vibrant energy.

Vibrant Harmony

The garden features sculptural screens, inspired by rugby posts, which make a bold statement. Their coloured glass accents harmonize with the overall colour scheme. A sculptural water feature, echoing the shape of the charity’s brooch, becomes a focal point. Its five petals tell a poignant tale.

Layered modular walls and a variety of planter sizes symbolize the multifaceted journey of MND patients and their families. The highs and lows are mirrored in the heights and sizes of these elements.

A vertical sleeper wall, adorned with glass pebbles resembling stars in the night sky, stands tall. It signifies the memories of those who have passed but remain cherished.

Journey of Remembrance

The garden features two distinct routes, each laden with profound meaning. The “long road ahead” is symbolized by a self-compacted gravel path, while the central route embodies “strength in unity,” providing ample space for wheelchairs and moments of togetherness.

Beneath the louvered roof pergola, a serene seating area offers respite, allowing families to unwind and create cherished memories. The garden is a sensory marvel, captivating with its diverse textures, vibrant colors, soothing sounds, and fragrant aromas – an immersive experience that engages the senses.

The My Name’5 Doddie Show Garden transcends mere landscaping; it is a living embodiment of emotions, symbolism, and hope – a tribute to those affected by MND.

Sponsors and Supporters

My Name’s Doddie Foundation is a remarkable organization who work towards:

  • Dedication to MND Research
  • Empowering Those Affected
  • Awareness and Advocacy
  • Innovative Initiatives
  • Inspiring Hope

If you can, please donate to My Name’s Doddie Foundation through our Just Giving Page. This is an investment in scientific progress, compassionate care, and a brighter future for individuals battling MND. Together, we can make a difference!

About the Show

The RHS Flower Show Tatton Park is a vibrant celebration of horticulture that offers a delightful experience for all ages. Visitors can immerse themselves in a world of stunning gardens, innovative floral installations, and engaging talks and workshops.

Wednesday 17 – Sunday 21 July 2024, 10am – 5pm

It’s not just about flowers; there are activities for children, delicious food and drink, and a chance to see the latest gardening trends and plant varieties. Whether you’re a gardening enthusiast or looking for a family day out, the show promises a colourful escape into nature’s beauty.

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